Are you wondering “who am I” and“what am I to do?”   Looking for a renewed sense of purpose in life?

The Men’s Identity Course is the perfect way to help you gain clarity and focus so that you can find your purpose to go forth confidently in life and leadership. It helps answer the questions “who am I” and “what am I to do?” Hundreds have used it as a guide to take control of their destiny, driven by their newfound knowledge. 

You don't have to be stuck in confusion any longer. This course is designed specifically for men who feel stuck, confused or led astray by unmet expectations of themselves and others. With clear direction and compelling insight into your role in God's mission, you will gain confidence as an individual with something special to offer the world around you!  

Stay tuned for the next opportunity for this course. 

Course Includes:
Access to Online Component
Clifton Strengthfinder Assessment