B&C - Serving in a Restricted Country
It was back in 2005 that we responded to God’s call. As a young couple we moved across the world with a two-year-old and a baby in our arms and spent the next 16 years ministering with PAOC’s RAN Network, in a nation where Christians are persecuted. We led a team that protected and restored abandoned children through food and education programs, all while presenting the hope of the gospel.
Our two boys are now grown and studying in post-secondary and with our teenaged daughter, we’re following a new call to another nation.

We’ll be developing a pioneering work among a people group of 20 million, who we’ll call the "I" people. There is no known movement to Christ among the "I". There is no church. They are 99% Muslim, yet still hold to ancient animistic practices. Converting to Christianity is illegal and is viewed as betraying everything society values.

We’ve also been shocked by the lack of development in many parts of this country. Millions live in poverty and with such extreme poverty young people can become vulnerable to the injustice of human trafficking. We believe the vulnerable must be protected. The cycle of poverty needs to be broken!
Our ultimate desire is to see a move of God among the "I" people. We want to see a group of believers established, who profess Jesus as Saviour, are active in the gifts of the Spirit, and are passionate about
bringing transformation to their communities.
Learn more about Resticted Access Nations within the PAOC HERE.